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A love like mine

Why helllooooooo *Mrs Doubtfire voice*

I’m back for now. Have lots of thoughts roaming about in my brain. I find myself jotting these thoughts  down on napkins or scrap paper and old mail. I know I begin a lot of my posts with Prince Charming so I won’t dissapoint you again. 😏👸

I grew up on fairy tales and Disney, which told me tales about simple girls like me, that were able to find their prince charming. They taught me that love should be given freely and openly, and that in the end it could conquer all.

Now I’ve grown up quite a bit and I’ve come to know the harsh realities of life, which is that love is only a piece of the puzzle, and prince charming isn’t waiting around the bend.

I shouldn’t hold it against you too strongly; you see I tend to forget that not everyone loves the way that I do. Not everyone is willing to open him or herself up to the unknown, to the possibility of love and the possibility of heartbreak.

My problem is I don’t just dip my toes into the water; I jump straight in with all that I’ve got. Life’s lessons should have taught me by now that I should hesitate a little bit, and put up a small strip of caution tape but I can’t do that.

I know you didn’t come into my life thinking I’d fall in love with you, especially as hard and quickly as I did. You sparked something in me and I decided to run with it. I have a big heart that is open willingly with no questions asked. Everyone that I’ve let in I’ve believed to be deserving of my love.

You couldn’t love me like I loved you, because I place so much value on love. I’m not the type of girl to go into anything halfway. I’m loyal, if I commit myself to you, there isn’t a chance I’m giving my attention to anyone else. I shower you with the love I think you deserve, which is as much as possible.

You couldn’t reciprocate those feelings because you didn’t love yourself. On the outside you look like this happy go lucky guy, that has everything together with no worries. Deep down however, there are feelings that you hide from the world.

The persona you let the outside world see, isn’t what you think about yourself. You truly are your own worst critic and that you aren’t as confident as you portray.

I loved you despite the things you considered your flaws, the things that you decided made you unlovable. I know we all have pasts, I have one as well but my love for you was stronger than that.

Even now when we’re not together, I still can’t hate you for breaking my heart. Which just goes as further proof as to why you couldn’t love me like I love you, because despite how it ended and you made me feel, I still care.

I would never treat you with any form of disrespect, or make you feel belittled, or be the reason for you to be upset. I’d never give you anything less than the love I thought you deserved, which is why you’ll never love me like I loved you.

“I may have lost someone who didn’t love me, but you lost someone who truly loved you.”