Walmart in the hood.

What did I expect? I mean really?

I found myself walking into Walmart holding my coach purse closer to me cause I’m a scared little white girl. Hahah kidding, I made my way to the Halloween section, which looked absolutely dreadful. Tore up. All I wanted was some cat ears damnit.

I’m searching and searching and this guy stops me and says, “Oh, you lookin for a costume fo your baby?”

Me “Nooo…I’m looking for ears”

“Ohhh like bunny ears? I’m getting my baby a pumpkin outfit.”

Now I’m just annoyed “No, cat ears.”

“Oh well I just wanted to let you know that your beauty caught my eye and I couldn’t help but stare.”

I felt like saying…Listen here buddy, unless you are some prince and you just jumped off of your white horse down the ceral aisle, I don’t think your should be talking to me like that. This is 2012, not the 18th century. Although now that I look at it on paper it sounds very romantic. Let me tell you…..IT REALLLYYYY wasn’t. So instead I half smirked, nodded and walked away.

He followed me and asked how old my kids were. JESUS. Just because I was looking at Halloween costumes for cat ears…that means I’m a mom?

I said “NO, I don’t have any kids, this is for myself.”

I started slowly but surely move away and I think I was too quick cause he got real nervous and was moving closer and insisted that I take his phone number. I would have said that I didn’t have my phone on me but I was texting someone so it was in my hand. I told him that I was in a relationship (works everytime) and he decided to back off.

He said “I appreciate a woman who stays true to her man.”

He started to veer away and I booked it down the closest aisle. The card aisle. I started ducking down and was literally jogging down the aisle. A lady looked at me like I had 8 heads; she was looking at the expecting baby cards and I’m sure she looked at me and thought to herself, Oh my god, please let there be no more idiots like this girl.

I smiled nervously at her and booked it towards the movies/electronics area.

Figured I would chill there for awhile and let things die down, Walmart is a big store. So after about 15 minutes I found a cheap $5 movie and headed to checkout. I paid for my movie and walk out. I found myself walking really fast, Idk why maybe I was paranoid. Then I hear a jogging behind me…and I’m thinking to myself What the fuckkkk

Yep, not only was he running towards me, but he was holding his pants, how sexy?

He insisted on opening my car door for me.. and begging me to call him. I was so incredibly annoyed so I said thanks politely

and took off.

But who picks up girls at Walmart? Second off, you were trying to hit on me because you thought us both having kids would be cool? And third, you CHASED me outside of Walmart, I never felt more creeped out in my LIFE.I know, I’m a bitch right?

Oh Jesus, only the creepy guys want me šŸ˜‰

One moment I want a guy to tell me all his feelings and the next moment I want this dude to shove his foot up his mouth. UGH, so frustrating. I can’t win. The guys I do like won’t give away anything and the people I would like not to talk to me at all, jump on me like white on rice.

Let me catch a break šŸ™‚



15 thoughts on “Walmart in the hood.

  1. *busts out laughing* I know you don’t think it’s funny, but I am sorry from my view point it is quite funny. Even after he said he respected, you being true to your man? Wow, it takes winners (said sarcastically) of all kinds.

      • two classes may show what some are able to do, more are better. When you practice it more, things become instinctive. you don’t think at all when in a ‘dire’ situation. you just react. This unfortunately I know.

        but… and this is a really big but… so think about this one.

        lots of guys take these courses, šŸ˜‰

        pssst, it is a good way to meet people too, that you can judge a bit before actually returning the smile.


    I’m sorry but that is hysterical… I mean it sounds like it was horrible but still. Hysterical. Great story.

    Also I have been to Walmarts in the hood and I know exactly what you’re talking about.

  3. Baby, how would you expect us guys to do when we see chicks we like?

    Sit down there and masturbate? LOL~

    On the girls’ side, if you see guys you do like, you can also sit down there and stare for a whole day or you’d approach.

    Yeah, you call him creepy… but guys like him will eventually get a girl he fancies if he keeps doing that as compared to guys who did nothing.

    I am not trying to defend that guy… if I myself were to see you at Walmart, I may not be that daring to approach you, and that guy got the thick skin, and he’d win because I’d never get the girl, he COULD be.

    Of course, whether you like him or not is another issue. But… you are still young. Once you are older, more mature, you’d realize every approach is a chance. If he is good or not, you have to mingle (while protecting yourself) to find out. Keep rejecting outright, only the ‘players’ (dashing, sweet…) will crawl beneath your pants, and is that what you want? LOL~

    This sort of things… it’s really about he giving a chance and you giving a chance… if you think he’s creepy, that’s fine. But I can GUARANTEE you, dearie, if I like you I’d wish to be him… to be that creepy guy.

    Awkward as he is… if he doesn’t move, he might lose the greatest love story ever in his life, Ms Hopeless Romantic.

    Call me creepy, baby… if I were at Walmart and you there too, I’d show you my ‘creepy’ way. LOL!!!

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