Social media vs Real life

We are all guilty of it.

Making our lives seem so perfect on social media.

For some odd reason, I am not sure if it is me, but I find that men cry for more attention than women. They know what to status to make to get the reaction that they want.

I knew someone who would constantly be on social media to update where the coolest place he was at or bragging about who he was with. It was all about the ego. Who was going to like his status? How many likes and comments would he get? Is that what it comes down to? Men/Women are impressing one another by how many likes they get on a selfie with their friend at work?

social media

It almost seemed as if it was more important to go somewhere and check in with people than it was to ACTUALLY go to that place. That is what social media has done to us. Making it more important to have our nose in our phone than hanging with the people who count.

I’ll admit to have gone out somewhere and been on my phone. I actually spend a lot of time on my phone after work or not being on it for a long period of time. But do you as well? Do you find yourself looking at the clock before bed and being like “Damn, I was just on my phone for an hour?”

But you never see the real side of people. That’s why it’s a JOKE to friend someone Facebook to get the “know them” before you go on a date with them. Besides finding out their profession ,there is no way of telling how they truly are until you meet them. Nowadays Facebook is not the key to knowing how someone is.  So many men that I have encountered are so worried about their ego that they wouldn’t even make a status about missing the train.

Agree/disagree with me?

Had an experience similar? Anyone can comment below anonymously.



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