Advice from the elderly

Occasionally at work when I see that I have a patient that is much older I try and chat with them. They usually have veryyy interesting things to say (I chat with all my patients before you start judging). But USUALLY these “older patients” aren’t quite with it anymore and when I ask them things like “Are you married and what’s your husbands name?” I get responses like..“fuck men and fuck you too lady” or “hahahah ohh honey which husband ya wanna talk about?” or “sure, dinner at 6:30 sounds great..” so not a lot of them are usually coherent anymore.

One day in particular I was chatting with a 88 year old. She was very with it and I sat with her to help her eat dinner one night.

I thought…this is my opportunity..I’m gonna ask her about her love life.

So I asked her and she turned to me and said…”Honey, I’ve been married for over 67 years, and I wouldn’t change a thing for the world”

Whew this is my sigh of relief…sometimes it’s so nice to hear a love story that actually doesn’t turn out wrong.

So of course me being me asks her 18 billion questions while I’m sitting all like..

some chick

“Tell me moreee”

No I didn’t say that but she did tell me that she has been married to the same man and has loved him more and more everyday of her life. She told me how she met him at a dance and she was sitting on a bench and then they were dancing all night long. She said her life was never the same and she cant picture herself go one day without him.

Now, this is something I definitely needed. I’ve mentioned before on here about how I can’t see myself ever getting married..which scares me sometimes cause every girl dreams of getting married and being young and in love. Well, I’m scared shitless. Scared of being hurt. Scared of hurting them. And most of all scared of how if could effect my children if I had any. The divorce rate in this country is unbelievable..and every other day I hear about some couple or someone I know that is splitting. I hate it. Honest to god…hate it. I was looking on some website and it said that of course U.S is highest for divorce rate and yet we are one of the youngest ages to get married averaging at 26. The whole worlds average age is 30. Maybee just maybe that has something to do with it.

OK I’ll stop ranting…The MAIN thing I wanted to mention here is that she gave me one piece of advice that I’ll take with me to the grave and I guess I’ll share it with you as well:

She told me to find someone that is genuinely a nice person. A person that just doesn’t do things for themselves.

And a nice man I’ll find, damnit.

…wouldn’t it be funny if she wasn’t with it at all and she just made all that up?

Yeaaa I totally thought about that too, until I met her husband the next day 😉 They were so damn cute! They reminded me of the couple from the movie Up.

So that was nice to hear …There is still hope for me!

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 🙂



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