8 Simple Rules

So you probably don’t think I have the credentials to write about some rules in dating, but I think that these are the key parts into ensuring your man (or woman if that’s your thing) doesn’t run for the hills.

Here are my simple rules:

1. Don’t over think

Over thinking every situation and detail drives guys nuts. This is a fault of mine as well so if other people are like this then I completely understand. I think the reason why I do it though is only because I’m confused. If I understand the relationship and what the intentions are then I wouldn’t be over thinking everything so much, understand? Guys like to throw the word “crazy” around, which I hate. But they believe that us chicks get together and just sit around for hours and hours to talk about them and over analyze the situation but the truth is, we usually only talk to our friends momentarily about it and then do all the over thinking inside our own head 😉

2. Make your intentions clear from the beginning 

If you just want some booty, say it.

That sounds terrible but some people are looking for the same thing. I also stress this because I hate being confused and not knowing where I stand with the relationship. I’m not telling you to remind me every day that you want to be with  me. I’m just simply saying don’t play with my mind. Don’t tell me that you are looking for a relationship but really you don’t want to be serious at all.

3. Don’t share personal information too quick

This might seem a little contradicting, BUT I feel like if you share personal information too quickly, you get attached and then all of a sudden the guy/girl wasn’t on the same page as you and your all alone. I think this rule kind of just protects your heart.

4. Don’t give it up too quick

I’ve written an entire post about this. Refresh? Click here The Cookie

Bottom line: It’s not Halloween anymore, stop dishing out the candy..

5. Don’t put all of your time into it

Again, if you put all your time and energy into the relationship, you won’t be able to concentrate on anything else. This is a terrible problem if the guy/girl doesn’t want the same thing as you.

6. Play the game (in a GOOD way)

Don’t always be available, if you’re available it’s not fun anymore. Sometimes there needs to be a “chase”. I know that if someone throws themselves at me and there is no chase, I start pushing away. Then I completely rid myself of the relationship. I’m not saying lie but some people tend to forget about their friends when they are in a relationship, so some friend time will not hurt. It will let him/her appreciate the time you have together as well.

7. Be yourself

If you are yourself from the beginning then there is no need for pretending when you get farther into the relationship. Plus, wouldn’t you feel so much better if someone was into you simply because of YOU not because you are trying to be someone else?

8. Don’t lie

For obvious reasons. Don’t lie. Plain & Simple. Then you don’t have to remember your lies. You might not want to volunteer information that you were arrested last summer for being a drunken slob BUT that doesn’t mean you have to say “I’ve never been arrested before, I’m a perfect prince.”


I feel like they all intertwine with one another…

If the guy lies then he’s not telling the truth about his intentions. If he doesn’t tell the truth about his intentions then she over thinks so she starts putting all of her time and energy into over thinking about it. She then shares personal information with him thinking that maybe the two need to “connect” more. Then she gives up the goods cause she doesn’t want him to run away. Now shes completely NOT being herself.

Did I over think that? 😉

That’s just the way I see it




10 thoughts on “8 Simple Rules

  1. Excellent blog.. *nods my head lots* And I completely agree with everything you have stated. Sometimes following those rules is a little easier said then done.. for example: Rule # 5 or 6..

    • I know! I know exactly what you mean, I wish that I could be like oh sorry I’m busy tonight, can’t do anything with you…when it’s the only thing that you want to do. hahah And I will be the first offender of putting all my time into it. Relating it to everything from songs to class…im such an overthinker…these are rules I def need to learn to live by myself 😉

      • Don’t beat yourself up over it, I tend to be the same way. Even though in my head I am screaming, ‘I will not sit around waiting for him’, or ‘my time is just as valuable as his’, and yet, I am always there when he shows up.. *nods*

        I’m always sure there is more of us there the same way. Maybe form a ‘group’ and then we could have something to occupied out time while ‘waiting’.. *LOL*

  2. Well some very sound advice, but as a guy ( yes about to rat out my own kind here lol ) the guys your age don’t want the same kind of relationship that a women wants. A lot of this is just what I like to call genetic memory. There’s probably a medical term for it but that’s what I call it. Guys are programmed to as you put it…”want booty”. Lol. They will do and say anything to get said booty. The only relationship they are interested in is if it comes with booty and it means they can get booty all the the time then great! For guys love comes later in a relationship. It’s about sex first, love later. I hate to say this but it’s true. Any guy that tells you different is a stone face lier. Now as guys get older booty is still on there minds and always will be, but it gets to be more about a loving relationship first and booty second. When this flip happens is anyone’s guess and I’m sure it depends on the guy. Sorry guys.

    Now please don’t be dishearten over this information and think your going to be an old maid before you find true love. I just want to make sure you what your dealing with. Guys really don’t have any control over it like I said they are preprogrammed from birth to act this way to make babies.

    – dirty old man 😉

    • Hhahah no I completely agree with you. I read something the other day that said women look for love and find sex and men look for sex and find love. Like I always say, I’m wondering at what age do men actually outgrow that “all i want is booty” stage? That’s what I’m trying to figure out because I know some 30 year old men that are worse off then some 24 year old guys. I guess it really depends but that’s why you don’t dish out the goods too soon!

    • yes i think that maybe I didn’t write them in order of importance, but I think they are all pretty significant in the dating world. you are right though, starting out slowlyyyy

      • lol, well I meant only one rule.

        It is easy to meet people, it is easy to meet people you may like, maybe easy to make some friends.

        tis much different to find someone that you want a meaningful relationship from. or just to find someone meaningful.

        like at walmart. *giggles* good thing you weren’t in the speedo section….

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