First off, apologies for falling off the face of the planet. I have not posted in a LONG time.

Although I haven’t posted in awhile, it doesn’t mean I do not have some interesting things to say.

Instead of jumping all over the place, I’ll keep my thoughts to a certain area.

“A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots…

“A tiger doesn’t change it’s stripes…”

Same cliche quote.

Is it true though?

If someone is some way…or grows  up to be someone, can they change for the better? I mean in all honesty, I do think we change cause we grow. We learn. I also believe that there are certain parts of us that don’t change. Maybe those certain things are good or bad; but they stick with us, unfortunately.

Someone very near and dear to my heart was left by a man for another woman. After 20 years, Karma came along and destroyed that relationship. This man is now suffering the consequences of ruining the first relationship and bringing his issues into another. Now alone, the man screams for attention from other women.

Was that karma getting back at him for ruining the first one?

My frank opinion is that karma is REAL and whether its 6 months or 20 years, it  will get you back.

So can we change? Can we change and realize that we fucked up and continue with life karma free?

I’m not sure.

What I do know is that I have been left by two men in my life. And in my eyes each one of them has gotten what they deserved back; and it was none of my doing.

I’ve talked in a previous post about revenge and how glorious it would be. But in the end, it is SO much more glorious to have found out that they got it bad ALL on their own. You may say I am bitter? But I am willing to bet that you have been in that position before.




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