Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Usually depends on the day or what has happened to me that day.

One thing is for sure, I do NOT need someone to tell me that everyday.

When a current dilemma came up yesterday my sister asked me if I need to be told and reminded everyday that I’m beautiful.

I paused for a moment and thought about it.

Yes, yes I have insecurities, who doesn’t? …besides like Britney Spears šŸ˜‰

But honestly, everyone wants at least a little something different about themselves..bigger boobs/ass/junk etc etc. Or SMALLER ASS in my case. ANYHOW, point is….I don’t need someone to remind me that I’m quote “beautiful”. Especially cause the majority of douchers these days say “you’re fine” or “you’re hot” or something along the lines…. you seldom hear something like..”You have an amazing smile” or “Your dimple makes you adorable”..like us girls can usually tell when you are being sincere or you’re just trying to butter me up and try to score. Scram

My sister came up with a hashtag on Instagram named #courtneythinksshebeautiful – It’s all pics of me…

You can follow me on Instagram, my username is Courtneywoodd

I think we all have ups and downs though..like some days I can take a really good picture and look in the mirror and go where the fuck did that come from? And other days I’m like damn I look good and I take the shittiest picture ever. And to answer your question: Yes, yes I do take pictures of myself…I’m single and I’m 21. C’mon… Am I going to send them to just any hoodlum? No..sometimes I think I take them for myself? Is that weird? You’re judging me right meow…I feel it.

Alright so sometimes I need an ego boost and say to myself DAMN, I looked good that day. Ha but for real..sometimes I don’t feel like wearing makeup or going into the public eye for a couple of days and I wanna see a picture of myself where I look half decent. Let me try to make more sense of this…I don’t drool over pictures of myself. I usually can’t take a decent picture to save my life, unless I take about 70 and pick the best one.

I think everyone has their “moments” of looking good. Like I believe I look better in the summer, tan and all my freckles out. I don’t work the pale look all that well. But other people look gorgeous without a tan at all. I guess maybe what I’m saying its discretion. Maybe someone else believes that I look better pale. Dunno, it’s their opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no problem with someone who I’m emotionally attached too or attracted to tell me that I’m beautiful. If I was in a relationship, maybe I’d expect it – I think that may be a wholeeee other story though.

Nevertheless, If I don’t write again before the holiday, Have a Merry Christmas, thanks for reading..xoxo

and stay tuned my next post is kinda mean (I’ve written it already, but I’m kinda nervous to post it) it’s about “Mean Girls”

See ya soon šŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “#Courtneythinksshesbeautiful

  1. Well I think you do need to be reminded from time to time court. I’ve noticed (even before this post) that your often very critical of yourself on your Facebook wall. Now you know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. You’ve got a smile that can melt a mans very soul! We all have features we wish we could change sure, but what one person finds unattractive another person may find very attractive, and yet others are totally unconcerned at all over certain features. Doushbag mode on: Your ass is fine gurl! Lol.

  2. I hope your holidays are going well Court.

    And … I agree with you about days you feel good about your self … and days that are just blech! And sometimes, they soooo don’t match what you feel. What is that about!?!??!

    And … will watch for your next post nod nods.

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