Dead presidents

Dead presidents meaning some dollar bills in my wallet, and lots of em.

I think just about everyone has thought about it.

Sugar momma/Sugar daddy.

It’s a great idea right? Become friends with someone who has a lot of money and let them spoil you rotten. BUT are you strictly friends with this person? Are you attracted to this person? And more importantly what does this person expect from you in return? They want booty? 🙂 Ahhh so that’s where the real issues come in. I wish I had a story to tell about this. The only thing that comes close is hearing about co workers being abused and taken advantage of because someone finds out how much they make.

I’ll admit it myself, seeing a lot of doctors (especially the rare attractive ones) makes me want to have them take me downtown and use every last one of their credit cards. Sugar daddy sounds great to me…now there is a difference between telling someone you want a relationship with them and then having them buy you everything vs. letting someone know that you have no intentions of being serious with them and you just want some free shit. For some reason I highly doubt that any of them would do that for me and expect nothing in return. I also think that the majority of them are old, married, and have families. Hmm better go for the interns 😉

Kidding, but being a poor student really makes me dream about all the designer items I could have, let alone the top-notch scrubs I’d be sportin. 

Sometimes I think to myself that I’ll never learn the value of the hard-earned dollar unless I work my ass off for it; which I plan on doing. Maybe I’ll just become a doctor or a physicians assistant like I really want to. BUT for the time being..I will go through what everyone else has gone through:

$1 Redbox movies accompanied by snacks and boxed wine.

Just a few more months 😉



3 thoughts on “Dead presidents

  1. I get booty without spending money, although sometimes I do wish I had a sugar momma. Or maybe I could become a male prostitute serving to women only. Ages 18 to 50, I have a lot to off in those services. The problem with that is the same with porn, the lucrative offers usually come from men.

  2. Working for others will never get you anywhere…

    You a nurse, check out how much those patients are paying, how much you can save by earning as a worker. Your savings will be licked clean by plenty of fees and bills and when you have babies… LOL~

    The difference between a wife and a whore is, you cash out of your man who loves you and she cashes out on his dick… LOL~

    I never go after branded stuff… OK, I got plenty of designer watches during college days, I bought a Bally designer bag… That’s all. 🙂

    Point is, you can live without them and be happy.

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