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4 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi Courtney! first off I ADORE your blog!
    What I want to say is there was this “person” I went to school with and she made my life hell. She used to get groups of people to start laughing at me and steal my stuff, put things in my hair, and write my number on the bathroom wall. Some time ago, I found out somebody posted her on Nik Richie’s blog and put some unflattering pictures of her and it kind of made me feel happy that I wasn’t the only person that had to deal with her sociopathic sh*t. Is it wrong of me to feel that she deserved to be humiliated, or should I take it as a sign of justice?

    • You know what Lexi, when I was younger my family moved from a very populated place to a small country town. There was 29 people in my whole grade and I needed to learn to get along with the 16 odd girls there were. Well as time went on, I never got along with them. Not sure if it was because I was new or because I was cute, not sure what they thought. Bottom line is, they tortured me. Stole my new gym shoes that my mom bought for me. I wore a pair of ugg boots and they all came to school the next day wearing rain boots to make fun of me, it’s funny cause now I bet every one of them owns a COUPLE pairs of boots. The hid my jackets at random places in the school and completely bullied me until highschool. I grew some balls and wouldn’t take their shit. They would never do anything to my face because they knew I was capable of beating their ass. Instead they would do everything behind my back and try to ruin my life. It was very hard for me growing up to trust girls. They are a very vicious jealous species. On another note, I don’t think that you are wrong for feeling that she deserved that! She def did. It was a sign of justice as well. Karma got to her. She messed with the wrong person, and it backfired.
      Thank you for the comment, it’s things like this that make me love blogging. Thank you! And Im really glad that you enjoy my blog.
      If you have any ideas about me writing anything, let me know! AND you gave me a couple already 😉

  2. Good grief Courtney, this broad sounds REAAALLL mature… not… Maybe you should put people like her on blast on your new blog post?

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