20 y/o female RR-14 HR-50

So let me start my new and improved blog by telling you a GREAT story about when I got my lip pierced. I have gotten my lip pierced twice. I no longer have it (and will never have it again), you will figure out why soon.

First off, let me tell you that I know I’m dumb and I am in nursing school now and I realized how damn stupid I was. But just listen and shut up. Alright, so it alllll started on my 18th birthday if I remember correctly. I got my lip pierced.

Ohh this picture is a keeper forrrr sure.

I’m crying like a baby. Yep yep yep that would be me.

(His beard was longer than Dumbledores lemme just throw that out there.)

OH forgot to mention: Not only did I almost pass out, I threw my birthday breakfast up in the parking lot. Haha Happy birthday to me! I know I was a wimp OK!? 😛

Much better shot right? I had blonde hair too, lets not get into that.

So I had the piercing for about hmmm the whole rest of the summer.

I don’t know if you know already but I don’t like rules, never have. Never will. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t suppose to take it out after 3 weeks. What does Courtney do? Nahh couple days later I’m changing it. Well, I took it out for a shift at work and couldn’t get it back in. So that was the end of that.

So two/three years later I decide I want the  monroe piercing…lemme whip out a pic for ya..

Yes I have my glasses on.

(Clearly I think I’m doing something sexy with my fur hat and winter jacket on..)

So Courtney AGAIN decides she wants to change it, pretty much daily. From sparkly, to opal to whatever studs I spend a bagillion dollars on. Those things were expensive. Well, I wore it at work for a couple weeks…then (like I knew would happen) my boss said something to me about it…

DAMN, she said I needed to cover it or take it out. Me being the coy cat that I am, used a clear plastic one.

But it worked. No one was saying anything at work anymore and I was in the clear 🙂

UNTILLLLLLLL one day I woke up after a 8 hour shift at work and I left a clear one in. I was getting ready to take it out before my shower and couldn’t get it out. No joke, I couldn’t even see it. It was gone. This is where I started to panic. WHAT THE HELL. I can feel it in my lip but my lip closed over it. No matter how hard I pressed, nothing. My eyes started watering and I was flipping shit. I called the lady who did my piercing and she told me to come in. I took one 325/5 mg Vicodin before I went. I didn’t feel a thing. She worked on me for an hour. (I sound like I was having surgery or something). But really she couldn’t get the thing out! I wasn’t in any pain though, I was patting myself on the back for that. She sterilized a  needle so it took kinda long. After not being able to get it out she told me I need to go to the ER and get it removed..quickly. Now I’m even more hysterical.

I go to the ER with my ex boyfriend at the hospital I work at. My nurse was a friend of mine and now I felt like a fool. The doctor came in gave me three shots of lidocaine and had to scrap that thing out. Literally he had a knife and a scraper and got it out in less than 10 minutes. He gave me a prescription for 20 Vicodin before I left.

We go get some food and I take two more Vicodin thinking that the pain will come back soon. Now mind you, this is 4 hours later. I took the Vicodin earlier and then drove about 45min to the piercer then I was there for an hour AND I had to wait to be seen in the ER. The directions are 1-2 tablets every 4 hours PRN (as needed). Hey, I am no pill popper so don’t judge me right now. This was the first time I had ever even taken Vicodin before in my life.

So I’m doing just fine. Awhile later, I decided it’s time for me to go home. So I drive myself home. Eek I know I’m going to hear about this from someone. Well, I was on the phone with my sister who was at work and wanted to make sure I was OK. I started to get really confused and I was talking slowly and I honestly didn’t know what was going on. I immediately pulled over in front of Kmart like some hoodrat. I could feel my respiration’s dropping. I was breathing really slow and veryyyyy sleepy. My sister was about to leave work to get me but her boyfriend came to save me instead. They are both paramedics in training. So he pulled up and I’m pretty positive my mouth was pressed against the window. I don’t remember much after that. He told me my respiration’s were really low and my heart rate was in the 50’s which is usually over 100BPM. I know, I’m dumb but I was definitely experiencing some signs of overdose. Decreased respirations, bradycardia, sweating…all that great stuff.

That’s specifically for Vicodin btw.

I’m sure my mom will have a shit stroke after reading this. I don’t think my dad knows either. Hmm let’s keep this to ourselves.

I ended up recovering just fine. He was going to take me to the Emergency Room but I came out of it thankfully.




17 thoughts on “20 y/o female RR-14 HR-50

  1. I am sooooo NOT hitting the “Like” button! Because…well, because it is ME you are hearing the scoldings coming from. LOL…just kidding. You are alright and that is what matters.

    Now as for the piercing though your lip things. ACK! I had one done on the upper part of my ear and THAT hurt. So the fact that you may have been crying a bit … not to worry. (By the way … love the tiara.)

    Lesson learned indeed. I am sooooo going to print this out and give it to my daughter if ever she wants to get a piercing in her lip too.

      • By the way, I thought for SURE Amber was going to say that I was going to be the scolder haha..but see’s she made a face too.

        When we get to naggy let us know. We might not stop … but let us know *grins*

      • no, impaired driving of any sort touches a nerve with me, it is so serious. Not even in a joke should it be considered. The ramifications of one bad choice will ruin lives, and at the time of a choice, we are not capable to make the proper choice.

        looks for the speech box… hopes everyone is careful, I want to read all your blogs for a very long time.

      • Hahaha I block a few choice people when I post it to facebook. They haven’t found it yet sooo fingers crossed! Even if he does see it….oh well. Lesson learned. hahah

      • I am laughing here. A lesson learnt blog that leads to another lesson. This can go on FOREVER!

        And .. don’t you love it when you blogs get hijacked for conversation beyond what the blog is about? Haha. You are up to 14 replies if you count this one…and that’s within an hour of you posting! Cool.

      • The way I see it, if he looks then oh well. He will hopefully understand that I have learned from it. Although he does question my intelligence frequently. Ha, well the longer he doesn’t know about it, the better I presume.

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