Two week streak

Well I would first and foremost like to say, I’m back. It was a long streak of school, vacation, work and of course summer that kept me apart from writing, BUT I’m happy to say that I’m back and I have a co-writer Cara!  Say hellooooooo.

My friend inspired this post.

Two-week streak

I mean its true, men do it to us within seconds. I think within two weeks women have an idea of what a guy wants. He was hiding it at first cause he’s shy and wants to say ALL the “right” things. But habits come out and you really start to get to know them. His text messages all the sudden always end with a 😉 and you find yourself wondering what they are even doing that day cause your whole conversation consisted of something dirty. SO you learn that unfortunately you need to toss that guy in the trash and start over with another two-week streak.

How about this? How about a MAN takes me out on a couple dates and doesn’t try sticking his tongue down my throat, AND genuinely wants to have a logically conversation. Boom. Hey, I’m not saying things can’t ever get steamy, I mean you need chemistry and attraction for a relationship to work but DAMN it’s not what the WHOLE relationship is about. See, it’s easy for men these days to not ever have to commit to a woman cause there are many women that will “satisfy” their needs without commitment. We do it to ourselves. BUT like I mentioned to a couple of my friends before…Sleep with them or don’t. Either way you’re fucked. #nopunintended


You don’t sleep with them and you’re a prude bitch so they move on to the next OR you do and they toss you out right next to their flamin hot cheetos 😉 So either way the categorize you: Nice girl or slut. Pick your side. Cause the one he will put in the friend zone and the other he will never respect you cause he got what he wanted.

So you keep on this constant role of two-week streakers.

But in all honestly, my advice (not that I follow it) give your two weeks notice in to the guys that just want booty. Or just never talk to him again.



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