Define perfection.

I think everyone has their own perception of perfect.

But as I have said throughout numerous posts…I’m searching for prince charming

Yes, someone can look great written down on paper. Has stable mental health, has a job, has money, is good-looking. But when is it too much. I know some people claim that I’m hypocritical on here but I think that finally I got “perfection” thrown at me and I dodged it. It might be “perfect” to someone else but sometimes its not enough. And I don’t mean that as if I wanted something more. I mean it as what’s so wrong with wanting a man with a passion? Wanting a man that wants to make something of himself? A man that tries to better himself everyday.

Sure you can buy me flowers, candy, dinner, whatever you want but there is like a big elephant in the room. Do you get it? I feel like I’m having trouble getting this across. Maybe what I mean is, less is more.

I don’t want someone who tries to much. You can’t buy or beg for my love.

This makes me think back to how that maybe I’m just attracted to a bad boy. OR maybe I just want the chase. There are so many “rules” well not so much rules, but I feel like if things happen too quickly in the relationship, you are like…”OK, what do we do now?” There is no more chase.

So sure this guy was “paper perfect” but not perfect for me. I need someone who is going to lead me on like I lead them on. Not so much game playing, even though that’s what it sounds like and I’m sure someone will mention that. But it’s not a game, its just not giving everything away and telling all your secrets up front. Especially cause you need time to get to know someone. I feel like I threw a good guy away but there is someone out there for me and they will be MY version of “perfect”.

Perfect to me.

Not perfect on paper.



2 thoughts on “Define perfection.

  1. Heyyyyy Court *HUUGGGSSS* Have missed seeing you on here.

    Anyway .. nods…needs to be perfect for you. Not perfect perfect….and I see what you are saying. When you find that special one …you will find …that you are always learning about them nod nods….

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