Here comes the BRIDEZILLA

I’m going to start off by saying I hate that show. Me and Cait ( or was it Karoline?) got in a heated argument about watching a Big Bang Theory marathon or Briddddddeeeezilllllasssss marathon over the summer. I think Bridezillas won! 🙂

As you may know already I had school today. Everyday something happens to me at school that makes me question my life.

Every. damn. day. 

Today particularly had to deal with having a boyfriend/fiance. I was talking with the group of girls that I usually chat with during my hour break between classes (all six of them) and the one was looking at wedding dresses. I told her Congrats and that I didn’t know. She showed me her ring it was absolutely gorgeous. Jeez. So then the other blonde girl says

“Yea, I can’t wait to get married after the nursing program..”

Me shocked…”How old are you?”


Damn..“That’s great, how long have you guys been dating?”

“About two/three years”

I’m not judging let that be clear. You can get married at whatever age you want to. I would probably get married sooner rather than later as well. Especially if I find the right person.

So then the brunette next to me says that her boyfriend wants to get married to her as well! She said she is nervous though because she has a child from a previous relationship and she wants to make it work.

THEN the 20-yr old (the youngest of the group) talks about how cute her boyfriend surprised her for their anniversary..

Me? Oh I’m sitting there smiling..thinking about all the boyfriends I DON’T have hahah 😉

She goes on to say about how they have been planning to get married after she graduates nursing school.

Well holy shit on a cracker.

Everyone is getting married and happy as a freakin bird with a french fry. Hahaha I’m not mad. And I’m not saying I need a boyfriend to be content. I mean, it’s nice but I just really enjoyed seeing these girls happy. If this is what makes them smile, and they are truly happy, then go for it.

Made me think a lot about my family, and I won’t get real sentimental or personal. But I think it will really have to take a truly amazing person to make me want to spend everyday for the rest of my life with. Someone that I won’t ever get sick of. Someone I can have an argument with, then we can make up. Not a “perfect guy”. Perfect for me.

I refuse to be that young, crazy, Bridezilla trick. I won’t get married unless I’m 180% sure.

(And this is Maury trying to save marriages/relationships/baby mamas/baby daddies)

Doesn’t every girl want the perfect marriage? Well, I am not settling my friend.

OK, I know what you’re thinking? I just turned 21. I know. I’m not saying I have to get married next week or next year or hell even 5 years. When do guys biological clocks start ticking? Hmm..? Well it just really made me think.. Maybe if people experienced divorce they wouldn’t be so quick to get married. I know I won’t and I know my sister won’t.

Lord help her. AND God bless the poor soul that marries her. I’m kidding, love you.

And Franco, DON’T get any ideas.

“I don’t want a perfect person I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well and loves being with me more than anything.”



10 thoughts on “Here comes the BRIDEZILLA

  1. I’m sorry but you sound kind of desperate and extremely jealous by the way that you were talking about the girls you went to lunch with. Maybe you should try to learn to be content with your life without a guy; you are only 21 years old. Also, when you spoke about people getting married young and experiencing divorce you made it seemed like the young couple was making a mistake which was headed for failure. I don’t think that you have the right to judge another persons relationship just based on the age that the couple got married whether or not they have had experience with divorce. You kind of sound like a hypocrite. Just thought you should know.

    • Interesting thought. As i stated in my blog…I’m not desperate. I don’t need anyone. But with these girls thinking about getting married, it made me think of life . AND as I said, I am content with my life without a guy. I never said young people get divorced…i said maybe if they experienced it in their lives, they would tread carefully with it. I NEVER said it was set up for failure. I think maybe you read this the wrong way. I even said how happy I was for these girls. I’m not judging them at all by their all. But when you go through your parents going through a divorce…it makes you NEVER want to do that to any child in the whole world. THAT’S why it made me think. To put someone before myself.
      Thanks for the feedback.
      As I always say, I love the good and the bad feedback.

      • Writing in caps DOES NOT get your point across more accurately. It just makes you seem like you are talking to a small child that needs help understanding. Also, just because you say something doesn’t mean that it is true. You can SAY that you are not desperate all you want that doesn’t actually MEAN that you aren’t.

      • I’m not going to sit here and argue about how I’m desperate or not. I really don’t need to prove any point to you.
        BUT (sorry its a bit habitual) the bottom line is..I am happy for those girls. They are my friends. I was honest and genuine with everything I meant.
        I was trying to make a point by saying that I will not be like that thought because of the experiences I’ve been through. Sometimes things happen to us that makes us think things through once twice or 800 times and that will be me about marriage.
        That is all.
        Thanks again for commenting.

  2. Excellent attitude Court. I like that you don’t feel like you have to get married…or have a boyfriend RIGHT now. Nods nods.

    I have never been the type to go “looking” to be in a relationship. If it happens, then all is good. Until then … I find I need to be happy being with me.

    Two things you said that I really like by the way…
    1) I don’t want a perfect person I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well and loves being with me more than anything.

    2) Not a “perfect guy”. Perfect for me.

    I think you will do fine Court … I really do *smiles*

    • well apparently, someone commented that I’m a hypocrite and I’m judging young girls by their age.
      You can never win..
      As my sister always says “Not everyone is always going to like what you have to say, remember that when you get bad feedback…”
      I’m thinking about her now..

      • Aye … when you write your thoughts … you open yourself up for comments, both good and bad. And sometimes the commenter themselves might not realize how they may be coming across.

        What matters is how you respond, and how you decide to feel about it.

        I think your words were well stated … in both your post and your response.

      • Sometimes it gets to me but I have to learn to let it go. People aren’t going to always have the same viewpoint as me. Maybe they read it differently. Not sure but I’m not going to dwell on it. Those are my thoughts and this is my blog.
        I could have taken it off and just brushed it off.
        Btw, I catch myself approving your comment before they are even posted *smirks*

      • Nods about sometimes having to just say …it is what it is…and moving on. That you leave comments that may not agree with your thoughts also says something of your character by the way.

        And … approved before you even see it huh? *thinks now about potentially slipping something ultra nerdy in one day haha*

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