Inspiring Blog Award :)

I would also like to thank my fellow blogger friend Katie for nominating me for this on my What’s your number? post.

She also has a GREAT blog you can follow here. 🙂

There are a few rules when receiving this award that one should take advantage of ….

First ~ Link back to the person who nominated you.

Second ~ Paste the award image anywhere on your blog.

Thirdly ~ Describe 7 things about yourself (that’s not already on your blog site). Ok, here they are:

1 – I am blind as a bat -4.75 & -5.00 & I’m the only one in my family with any eye issue.
2 – I am obsessed with the cosmetic line Lush…(overly obsessed)
3 – I get really nervous blogging cause I know people are judging me hardcore.
4 – I have lived in Chicago, Frankfort, New Lenox, Gardner, and now back in Chicago.
5 – I have an older sister who is 22 (you may call her my irish twin) & a younger sister 13 and brother 15.
6 – I like anything glittery, sparkly, etc. 🙂
7 – I secretly want to be an FBI agent.

Forth ~ Nominate 7 others for this award. (See below.) The 7 below I chose because they have had some inspiring and hilarious posts and have made this experience for me SO much better than I ever imagined. So a big thank you, for making me smile everyday 🙂

So here are the 7 I have chosen:

1 – katie –
2 – amber –
3 – sarah –
4 – tara –
5 – cheyenne –
6 – bossymoksie–
7 – dave –

Finally ~ Let each of the nominees know that you have nominated them for this award. Place a note/comment in one of their blogs letting them know of their nomination for this award.


8 thoughts on “Inspiring Blog Award :)

  1. *S*…you deserved that award Court. Your blogs are very bold and you take chances. As for those that judge Pfffftttt to them. (Did that look immature to do that? Because …uh…I can be at times haha.)

    Now, your Irish twin? Why did you say your sister was that? Now I am curious.

    And …your #7 thing…that is sooooo feckin cool!!!! You can wear dark shades too if you get to be an FBI agent haha.

      • Lord…then we are ALL twins in Ireland….feck…families are HUGE there … keep popping them out one after the other lol. (I am the anomaly in my family. I have just 1)

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