Nudie Magazine Day!

YES! Nudie magazine day, gotta love Billy.

Are you an offender of sending nudie pics of yourself to people? Or do you get nude pictures from someone and laugh? I was doing some research on the internet and the FIRST thing that popped up was the FBI. Explaining that you need to tell an adult right away and contact them. They said you should not delete them, and that they need to understand that what they send or share online has a very long existence.

This is what I took from their website:

A recent study found that 20 percent of teenagers (22 percent of girls and 18 percent of boys) sent naked or seminude images of themselves or posted them online. Another survey indicated that nearly one in six teens between the ages of 12 and 17 who own cell phones have received naked or nearly nude pictures via text message from someone they know. 

Sick. Obviously we aren’t teenagers anymore -but that’s terribly gross. I know a lot of women take photos of themselves and send them to men, I’ve seen it and actually wondered myself what the hype is. Now, I can understand if it’s a long distance thing I guess. But when you are exclusively seeing someone..whats the point? Don’t you see them already? Or you’re single? Do you do it to keep sexy photos of yourself and look at them? Or do you send them to guys? Hmmm I don’t really understand. Maybe someone should enlighten me. (You can commented anonymously below..)

So I took it upon myself to ask a friend at work if she had any experience with this, because this girl is the definition of fun and she’s hot! Her eyes lit up and she was like “Dude I have a great story…actually a couple stories!” Haha So I got all excited and she told me one story – we really didn’t have time for the other.

She went to Vegas. Now, I’m already liking this story because great shit happens in Vegas. I’m going to tell it in her view, because she’s hilarious and I was laughing the whole time..

So me and my friends met this promoter; those guys that get you and your friends into clubs and tell you about drink promos and other cool shit. Well you know he was pretty cute so I texted him while we were all out drinking and we got to talking and he said he remembered me and thought I was hot. The next night I wasn’t really up for drinking cause I had drank too much the night before so my friends were pretty drunk and he texted me out of the blue –  mind you I had about 2 drinks in me so I was the least bit impressed. It was of his dick. I know I was shocked! (Warning: stop reading now if you can’t handle it!)  Just that. Ew. And he was holding it all in a weird way to make it look big. You know how they do that? *Me and her laugh hysterically* He invited me up to his hotel room and I was like “Sure, yea I’ll be right there…” He gave me his room number and the hotel; me and my friends laughed about it for the rest of the night. Obviously, I didn’t go to his hotel room. The next day that we saw him he acted awkward and blamed the message on liquor. He said he had couple drinks too many. Ha! Sure

Haha first off, you live in Vegas as a promoter but you live out of a hotel room? Or you rent one for that reason? Hmm..then you are going to blame that text on alcohol, IN VEGAS? You can hold your liquor, you’re old enough. I bet this dude does this all the time and it works like magic. Dumb broads are crawling over him and get hammered in Vegas and send a little text to hot promo dude. Ugh women these days! Or men? Who to blame? Hahah But I love this girl for playing it like a lady! Way to go 🙂

Act like a lady, think like a man.

Cause if a guy was in the least bit uninterested in a naked photo, I’m sure he would do the same thing she did.

So it was just a quick story, it came across my mind the other night.

I’m hoping to hear some more stories so I can post them as well.



3 thoughts on “Nudie Magazine Day!

  1. OMG…I am sooooo before the age of cell phones and texting. And here is where you will see what a prude I am hahaha.

    1) I would never, EVER under any circumstance send a naked picture of myself…to ANYONE. Well, because…

    2) I don’t even have a naked photo of myself. It has never dawned on me to even do this. However …

    3) I do have a photo of myself in a naughty nurse costume (for wasn’t like super naughty or anything). But …

    4) Neither will I send that photo to anyone else either!!! lol

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