Long time, no see.

Lately I have been seeing people who I don’t really care for. Whether it’s been at Bourbon Street (the highschool reunion) or school or just out; I have seen more people these past two weeks than since I’ve graduated.

Anyhow, I saw a couple of people out and they always say, “Long time, no see.” Hmmm did you ever think that there was a reason behind me not seeing your face since high school? YES. Ok I sound like a bitch don’t I? Well that’s probably because I am. But I’m truthful damn it.

I’m not going to be fake like other people. If I don’t enjoy looking at your face, I won’t talk to you. If I don’t enjoy being in your presence, I’ll move. Plain and simple. If I don’t jump up for joy and go and say hi to you, its SAFE to say that I probably don’t what you to come and say hi to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that evil of a person, I do enjoy most people I went to highschool with. There are just a few people, well one person, that I would beat to a bloody pulp if I saw her RATHER not see. (All of my best friends know exactly what I’m talking about) I have this one rule. This one girl. They all have been forewarned on several occasions how I feel and what I will do if I see this creature. Ok, I’m done ranting…Luckily for her I haven’t seen her since we’ve graduated.

So is there that one girl who YOU hate after highschool, hoping that you don’t run into her? Do you work with or see people from highschool that you can’t stand? And maybe it’s not even necessarily from highschool…just people from your past even. Ex boyfriends, ex girlfriends, ex fwb, etc, etc.

Or that awkward moment when someone knows who you are and you have no idea who they were. Vice versa, you recognize that douche bag that got kicked out of highschool, but he has NO clue who you are. Or those people you pass in the hall and are like…hmm I know them but should I say hi? Do they remember me? We had like every single class together…hmm oh well.

What about exs? I see mine on occasion. Well thankfully we are still friends. Kind of? I’m not really sure. He might disagree. It’s complicated. We have our ups and downs, just like our relationship. But anyhow we hang out sometimes and it really only gets awkward when we bring up the past. We have been broken up for about 9 months so it really shouldn’t be weird…but it is. So I don’t really hate it when I see him. I think of him as a really great friend. We dated for long enough, we might as well have a friendship out of it. I’m sure I wouldn’t have said this the first couple months after we broke up. We avoided each other and never spoke at all. Other people I dated..I might not say the same thing. It depends on who it is to be honest. Some I’d like to see, others I haven’t seen in years, thankfully.

So what do you do when you see your ex? Depending on who they are..you might run or avoid them or you might really enjoy catching up with them. It really depends on who it is and how it ended. Right?



28 thoughts on “Long time, no see.

  1. OMG….I was taking a sip of my diet coke when I read the crossed out, “…beat to a bloody pulp if I saw her.” comment …. and near spit on my screen! lol

    So, as for a woman from my past that I …ack…does not like this word…but…someone I sort of hate. The woman my ex-husband dated for a bit after we got divorced. I mean, there was NOTHING wrong with her at all. Except….she dated my ex…and more heinous …. my daughter thought she was “cool”. Through no fault of her own, in my head she has fallen to the most horrific deaths.

    As for men. Uhmm…I have already made several super long comments to your blogs. I am not sure WordPress would appreciate me crashing their site with the word count blast.haha.

    Actually … there are not as many as I make it out to be. And truth be told, I would say half (really meaning way more than half) .. I would not wish to meet again due to the inappropriate behavior on my part. (No…not that I was psycho or rude … more, I was going through a rough patch…and…engaged in things I should not have. Maybe I will blog about it one day …not sure.)

      • I think with any breakup it is desired to avoid them, seeing them will always stir emotions of all sorts. Few breakups are without some sort of feeling of loss, anger or hurt, even amicable ones.

        The person, man? boy? (I hate to give him that much credit.) I would rather avoid/not see, was not really an affiliation, knows I am being mysterious, but it is a blog in itself. The second to last sentence of my anniversaries blog is a clue, well more so I guess, but points up to your crossed out line… because I did. literally. sometimes I feel bad about that.. a bit.

      • Yep, I know exactly how you feel. The emotions whether good or bad are lethal. Not a great combo at all!
        And yes, I’m kind of ashamed but I don’t want to hold back on my blog because I’m afraid people will judge me
        Thanks though 🙂

      • hmm, thinks the reply is in the wrong spot.

        why are you ashamed? For venting your feelings in a blog?
        *shakes my head* write from your heart, bare all. If someone judges, they best be in a position to judge, or their judgement is worthless, and you are the only person in a position to judge yourself.

      • I just don’t want people to assume that I am a crazy bitch cause I wanna pummel someone who did some atrocious things to me. But you’re right, they can judge however they want

      • lol. it is a perfectly normal desire. Acting on it is different… fixating on it is not healthy, but the image goes through your mind over and over. I can’t tell you to let it go, I am not in your head, so that would be unfair.

        blogging about it can be healthy, venting, obtaining feedback, good and bad. taking it for what it is worth.

        so keep moving in that direction, at your speed.

      • amber – agrees that avoiding after breaking up is normally a good thing, even if both parties want to remain friends. There needs to be at least some distance for at least some time I think. The one exception is if there are children involved. (Yes…the voice of experience here.) When a child is involved the couple needs to find a way to put aside certain differences. And I don’t mean to just “make nice” and pretend. Children will pick up on it. If it really matters… you find a way to actually put ill feelings aside during certain times. If you need to, you can disagree later … but you have to actually believe sometimes that it is okay. (uhmm…sermon over…sorry.)

        amber again – I see your martial art skills must have been in play? I do not know about this time in your life….sorry it has happened though.

        cswood33 – *smiles* …sees you and amber getting to know one another…listen to that one…she is pretty smart and gives sage advice *S*. And I agree with what the two of you have been saying about how to use this blog world…and not letting others make you feel bad about yourself. nod nods…you be you…that is a good thing.

      • children are the unspoken dynamic that changes everything, such an uncomfortable time for them. very traumatic. so many of them blame themselves too. Parents working hard to keep that to a minimum is great, not all do though. it is hard in many cases. impossible in others.

        And becoming the norm as well.

        as for the other question.. nods. in defense I was forced to, things were going to a dark place quickly.

  2. Ha! you finally wrote more than a sentence about me!! you don’t “really hate it” when you see me? Lol thanks. and YOU MAKE IT WEIRD WHEN YOUR ON YOUR PHONE THE WHOLE TIME! Im gonna tape it to my forehead so i can at least pretend your paying attention to me

  3. At first I thought this was about me… I was gonna say, you invited me to Walmart… haha. This happens often, usually why i don’t enjoy the bars on Western, and I’ve only been to Bourban twice in my life, and I remember a lot of guys wearing Tapout clothing and the such… not my type of place.

    Wait til you 10 year grade school reunion, talk about awkward. You go from head nods to OMG what is up with you?!?!?

  4. At least you’re being honest with your feelings about other people. Why do you think it’s “evil” to rant against someone who was awful to you? They had to be pretty sinister to make you want to smash them to a pulp..

    • I guess I just don’t like admitting it. I don’t want people to get a false image of me wanting to beat all these people up. It honestly is just one girl. You have a great point though, just like the other comments
      Thanks Cara for commenting, I love to hear what people are thinking cause then I assume the worst hahaah

  5. Hahahhaha whose the girl u wanna beat to a pulp?? and you say im the one that needs to grow up??? it was highschool courtney not everybody was gonna like u and trust me nobody did get overr it.. again u need to take some honest critism

    • Glad you took the time out of your pathetic life to read that far back in my blog. Thank you again for the views. Oh and that still stands corrected. You are the number one on my list and seeings as I’m fat and should hit the gym…you should be rreeeeealllllllllyyy scared!
      Oh and hey, glad to see your grammar got better from highschool! Haaa not

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