Tattoos Gone Bad

Over the weekend I got my first tattoo, and I was looking through the artist’s books of amazing tattoos they’ve designed. I couldn’t help but think of all the dumb people who get these stupid tattoos of people and/or their names. NOW, let me back myself up real quick and say that I thought about mine for awhile. I didn’t get anyone’s name. A friend even told me to draw it on myself so I would get use to it and like the look of it. I’m 21 and it has taken me a long time to think of something that I would want on my body permanently. The place where is goes is even the harder part. My dad says “You know one day you are going to want to walk down an aisle and wear high heels and people will see that shit..” Well if I wear a long dress, they won’t! Hmm…it’s on my calves..chill Mr. I have 18 million tattoos.

Anyhow, it made me think of an ex boyfriend who broke up with me for his best friends girl. They had been dating for a couple of years. Me and my boyfriend were only together about 9 months I believe. This is a whole other story though. The fact is that he ended up getting her name tattooed on his wrist. They broke up less than a year later, I’m not really sure the exact time frame. But I assume he was fucked. Karma sucks. But I heard that he went and got a design over it to cover her name. Why would anyone think to get someones name tattooed on themselves, besides their kids names!? Sorry if you have your “hubby” or “boyfriend” or “partner” ‘s name tattooed on you but I think it is so stupid! Having a family member or a lost loved one or even a pet is OK with me, but your significant other is just ridiculous.

My other topic now is, do guys find it trashy when girls have tattoos? Vice versa? I guess it’s whatever your attracted too. I’ve seen some really great tattoos on guys before, and some terrible ones as well. I don’t think I would base my decision of wanting to date them upon it though. What about you? Would you be OK with someone tattooing your name on them? I mean I’d be flattered but I would definitely tell them that it’s NOT a great idea. One of my girl friends has some really amazing tattoos on her legs and feet and one on her left shoulder. They are just colorful and detailed amazingly. Her mom made a comment this weekend that if she got anymore she’d be trashy looking! Hahah we can both laugh at it, but she rocks though tattoos. I guess it just depends on who you are and what you really enjoy. I think guys with tattoos are sexy, to an extent. Tasteful tattoos. Anyhow, I’m sure my mom will shit when she reads this cause she knows I have a tattoo now. LOVE you mom. At least it doesn’t look like the tattoo above of the comic book guy 😉

XOXO Court


18 thoughts on “Tattoos Gone Bad

  1. To tattoo or not to tattoo *tries to say that three times in a row* *hmmm sounds like a train is coming*

    Some are beautiful art, some are just big. When you meet someone… eyes usually grasp first.. but a tat can sometimes claim that attention, that first look.

    other times.. the glimpse.. the quick flash.. could start a great conversation.

    All that ever matters though, is do you like it? That is all that should matter.

    hmmmm wonders what you you picked.

  2. I agree, some of them are really intriguing and it makes your want to strike up a conversation with that person. Most of the time they have a legit reason for the design or quote, etc, etc. Yes, you are most definitively right. “Beauty is the eye of the beholder.”
    I picked a quote on the back of my calves/ankle 🙂

    My new tattoo. Can you guess what its from? ….without google 🙂

    A post shared by COURTNEY WOOD (@courtneywoodd) on

  3. I must be one of the few people who do not have a tattoo! Though I think it is way more acceptable nowadays. (By the way, I hear you can now get tattoos removed..though it rather painful?)

    Anyway, I am not a huge tattoo lover….but neither am I a tattoo hater.

    I would say, if it shows some its okay, but depending on how much and the content … could it affect getting hired at certain places?

    And…wonders too…what did you get?

  4. I got some lyrics on my calf/lower ankles. The link the in the above comment I posted has a picture! 🙂
    I really never planned on getting a tattoo. I like them on other people but I never could think of something I wanted on my body forever. haha
    Thank you commented. I always look forward to your comments! Sorry I don’t always reciprocate. I just started back to school this week as well.
    But thank you 🙂

    • *nods* I look forward to the comments from katie too. They make blogging fun, so I try to comment too. Sometimes the comments end up being conversations and you get to know people.

      school… ack…. *giggles*

      • It really does. I love sharing my experiences so other people don’t do it AND for the fact that it makes me see myself clearer and helps me to want nothing but the best and not settle for these crappy men. I know it might be selfish *shaking head* but it really does help me and I don’t want people going through the heartaches I’ve been through. Recently the same person has been writing hate comments on my posts. I had to change my settings so that I have to approve them first. That’s why it’s like that. Unfortunately I will write about him sooner or later but it is a very long story and I want it to cool down before I write about it! Hope you ladies enjoy! I love the comments!

      • amber ~ I left a comment for you further below too *smiles*

        cswood33 ~ I saw the one comment that the person made a few days ago…then saw you had deleted it. Good on you for taking your time to think things through and not just lashing back out. (I know when I ‘need’ to write and lash out, I do it in a word document….so I accidentally don’t hit send…and then can erase it later if I need.)

      • He made three comments. I let two of them post. The other one I didn’t even let post. He posted it on the “what’s your number” post. I imagine it tickled a funny spot in him seeings as he asked me the same question about my number….hmm will men ever learn? Well sooner or later you will hear that story. It will be world war 3 I’m sure. So I’ll wait awhile *sighs* it will be epic though 🙂 I know it will relieve some steam for me!
        And I love all comments esp yours! Keep em coming people!
        Btw Katie I found a really great blog you might enjoy. I’ll post it to you later! 🙂

      • Ohh….wants to know what blog it is you wish to show me. And will wait to see your WW3 post about that person. The what’s your number blog was the one I saw that comment on. (By the way, thank you for saying you like seeing my comments. But I can see that amber is quickly becoming a good comment exchanger with you *smiles*…the both of you are pretty insightful and good writers!)

      • It is called Wine in Hell. I wish I could be as funny as this woman. She has some GREAT posts. Definitely an intriguing read, I was up so late last night, I couldn’t stop!

    • To cswood33 ~ nod nods..i finally clicked the link and saw each of them on you *S*. It holds a particular meaning for you … and if others saw it, it is such a tattoo/words that it can hold many meanings *S* And…do not fret over commenting on others blog posts. If you do/can that works…however, we all have real time things to deal with … so all is good *smiles* …and school is important nod nods (getting all mom-like on you haha.)

      amber ~ totally likes getting to know you on here (vs that other site!) … and yes, it is grand fun learning about each other…and that we can laugh and be serious as we do makes it that just much better!

      Back to cswood33 ~ Don’t you love having your blog post hijacked for side conversations lol.

  5. Never write when angry, not when it is to or about a person. *nods*
    Sharing your thoughts puts things in perspective, it allows you to sort them out. You look at them differently when they are there in black and white. Keep doing it.

    I hope you were not hurt to bad, think you were, topping it up with receiving hate comments is sad. it is too bad WP doesn’t have a block setting, I would like it for spam.

    many of us have been hurt, seems a part of life unfortunately.

    *but smiles cheerfully* learning and growing from the “hurt” is the key.

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