Friend [zone]

How do you get into the friend zone? And more importantly, how do you get out of the friend zone?

Urban dictionary’s definition:
A term used in bitterness by men when women make the choice to not “be” with someone. Often used by douchebags or people with Nice Guy Syndrome.

So how did you get into the friend zone? I believe people get into the friend zone by being too nice. Thy have that sweet guy or innocent girl stereotype. Which there is nothing wrong with. Who is going to be mad because your “too kind”? No one. I think the deal breaker is being needy. It’s definitely an attraction killer. Rushing things emotionally only scares people away. We run from it naturally. It throws that nice guy right into the friend zone bucket.

Here’s what we need to keep in mind though, sometimes girls are just plain dumb. Too nieve and young to understand a healthy relationship. Some women are attracted to toxic relationships. If your love interest keeps getting involved with people who treat them badly, despite your advice, you might just have to accept that they’re working through some issues. You could spend your entire life waiting from then to “see the light” or you could move on and find someone who actually wants a healthy relationship. This goes for guys too, some of them just don’t want anything more than friends. It’s harsh. It’s cold, but it’s true.

If you honestly believe that the relationship is meant to be and there’s more to it, maybe try confronting them. Something had to have gone wrong for you to be tossed in the friend zone. So find out. What’s it going to hurt? If people communicated more and said what they wanted up front SO MUCH less drama would occur. This waiting and wondering game is bullshit. How do you know that I all I wanted was to be friends too? How do you know that I just wanted a hookup? Why would you assume that I wanted a relationship? And vice versa. Why do you think I wouldn’t want a relationship? Lay it all out up front. I could want the same thing you want. How would you know if you didn’t speak up? And if we don’t agree on something then we can agree to move on before someone gets hurt. No confusion. I read a post about The Secret to an Amazing Hookup, The Male Blueprint wrote this GREAT post, read it.

XOXO Court


2 thoughts on “Friend [zone]

  1. I went to read that other article you referenced. Ahh, I come from an age where the Disney version is definitely the norm. If someone gave me a choice …. hmmm…interesting.

    As for your post … it goes hand in hand with that other. More like a result of not communicating nod nods.

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