Prince Charming

Blame it on Disney movies for us women believing, but I truly do believe that every girl has her own “Prince Charming” out there somewhere. I do think that we have way too many expectations of what men are supposed to be like because of books and movies we’ve watched though. For example, I watched Cinderella last night. Now, I haven’t watched that movie since I was really little so a skipped through some of the singing mice. Anyhow, we all know how the story goes. She cleans day in and day out and caters to her stepmother and step sisters. Her mice and birds make her a dress for the ball and the evil step siblings ruin it. Her fairy godmother appears and helps her get to the ball, Prince Charming takes one look at her and that’s it. He’s in love. I’m not saying that love at first sight doesn’t exist because I believe that its does. But after seeing these movies and reading these romance novels, women think that something extravagant is going to come and change their daily lives into a miracle. No, I don’t think my fairy godmother is going to appear and give me a carriage and a beautiful gown, I just want someone to sweep me off my feet! Crazy?! But is wrong for women to want that? To want nothing less than perfect? We hope that we will go to a ball and there will be BEAUTIFUL women everywhere and that one most handsome guy will look and you and only want you. From that day forward he would do anything to spend everyday for the rest of his life with you. How much more romantic does it get? Obviously we aren’t going to any “balls” anytime soon. But you get the picture. The way I see it you can fall one way or the other:

1. Believing that we’ve just met “Prince Charming”. The downside to that is the douche bags that lie to us and make us believe that they can be our so-called prince charming (not in exact words). We get all giddy inside thinking that they really do care about us when they don’t. Then we are back to square one after they screw us over.

2. Expectations are too high. “After reading these romance novels, now I’m not going to date anyone unless they climb a ferris wheel and demand a date from me”.

Those both sounds like pretty shitty outcomes to me.

Another example is 50 Shades of Grey. We’ve all read it (I hope). It is a perfect example of women of all ages thinking that we are going to meet a Christian Grey. Most likely your NOT going to meet the CEO of a company in one sitting and he’s going to do a quick background check and stalk you for the rest of his life. I mean we can all HOPE that this might happen to us. But in reality, it’s really not. Not only did Christian Grey turn into a sex addict but he also became a true romantic which we all want. Screw Prince Charming from Cinderella, I’d like me a nice healthy dose of Christian Grey. Women all over the world are reading this phenomena hoping from something dramatic like that to happen to them. I guess sometimes we seek a little too much drama. I mean we ARE women. WE supposedly love drama. Whether it is a movie book or TV show we love drama and we secretly hope that our love life will accumulate to that one day.

Obviously we all want our prince charming now but I know in reality that it probably isn’t going to turn out the way we want it to. We can hope. Maybe we just want someone trustworthy. Someone to rely on that is a best friend and yet still attracted to us. I really like this quote my sister showed me awhile ago and maybe this sums up what I am trying to say in a better way:

“I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time and thinks I’m the best person in the world and wants to have sex with only me.” -From HBO’s Girls

Keep dreaming, he’s out there for you somewhere.

He might not wearing a tux or be a CEO of a huge company but he could possibly turn into your very own “prince charming”.



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