Man. /man/ noun: An adult human male in which Courtney loves.

“Your posts are starting to make you look like a maneater..”

Me: “Really, I’m just trying to tell stories so that women don’t make the dumb mistakes that I have.”

“Well I just think that maybe you shouldn’t bash men so much..”

Let me make this extremely clear to you all very quickly. I love men.



My sister may have been correct on a couple of levels. Maybe I did seem to be demeaning men. I apologize for this. I just have been in many situations where I thought the “man” was a “man” but really was just an immature boy. So if any males are offended, I apologize. I don’t think poorly of men, I just think a lot of them are pieces of shit…hahaha sorry I’ll try that again…pieces of shit SOMETIMES

No I really do get along with men well. They are usually drama free. You know that saying where girls always say “WELL all my friends are guys cause they don’t create drama.” Bullcrap, it’s probably because no girls like you and YOUR drama in other words your probably coo coo for cocoa puffs. But that is a whole other story. But honestly, I do get along with males fabulously. I have an awesome friend at work (you know who you are) who is like my work best friend. He was shy when I first met him but now we talk all the time about anything and everything. He was even my “transporter” to my surgery when I was in the hospital for a couple of days. So a big shout out to you! I hope you read this and smile. You are such a caring sweet guy. We need more like you. The list can go on and on..I have met some very genuinely kind men and I honestly appreciate you all.

Thanks to all those men out there, especially the hot ones 😉

OK maybe that last part wasn’t needed



5 thoughts on “Man. /man/ noun: An adult human male in which Courtney loves.

    • I think you forgot the question mark after that. And to answer your question. No no I am not a hooker. Not recently at least. Thank you for your feedback though! I’ll put it right next to my new column I don’t give a fuck. Thanks for reading 🙂

  1. That is so true about girls who don’t have friends that are girls! Usually they are the ones with the most drama and its because they can’t stand competing with other girls for guys attention!

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