Let me help you to help me


My name is Courtney and I decided the other day that I would like to start a blog.

Now, I’m telling you right off the bat that it’s not going to be the greatest thing ever and I make a lot of grammatical errors, so bear with me. I’m starting this blog because I want women to read it and hopefully take my advice/learn from my experiences so they don’t make the mistakes I have. A couple of friends (including myself) search on google and other search engines for their love life answers (I know terrible) and I wanna share my thoughts and help answer your issues. I am not going to blatantly give you the answer to your problem but hopefully by reading what has happened to me will help you make the right choice. I want women to know what results can occur from the decisions we make.  I would also like men to read this and think to themselves of how their asshole moves can really effect us. Now, I’m not saying I don’t love men, cause believe me…you will learn quick that I love men 🙂 But it seems that I can usually dish out good advice to people about relationships and dating..but I can’t take the advice myself. So every now and then when I get the chance I am going to take a quote that I really enjoy (how cliché of me) and write about what I think about it and how it may help you look at things  in a different perspective.

You can add me or follow me too!

I hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Let me help you to help me

  1. Hello Miss Court
    I think your doing a great job with your advise. Keep going and let it all out!!! Hopefully other girls will learn from your mistakes😁

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